Winona Steamboat Days

125cc Hydroplane Race

Winona Steamboat Days – US Title Series Powerboat Races- 2011

125 cc Hydroplane Race US Title Series Winona Steamboat Days
125cc Hydroplane Race
Sean McKean Hydroplane Racer
Sean McKean, world record holder for 500cc hydroplane
500 cc Hydroplane Race US Title Series
Almost a photo-finish of the last heat of the 500cc hydroplane race

On the way home from St. Paul where Jo attended the Minnesota Quilters annual show, we stopped by Winona, Minnesota to catch part of their annual Steamboat Days Festival. In particular I was interested in their powerboat races, one of many events going on that day. The other event of my interest was the classic and custom car show downtown.

The Winona race, held on Lake Winona, is part of the title series for the US Runabout and Hydroplane Championships. I took lots of pictures and will show several of them plus a video I took when I get a web page up on the event. Like automobile racing, I enjoyed seeing a few female racers among the competitors.

Here’s a few shots that I’ll supplement later when I get the the web page up. The first one is the 125cc hydroplane race with Ike Yoder and Gary Buskirk out in front of another racer I couldn’t identify. I don’t think Yoder won this particular heat however. But he was victorious in the third heat of the 500cc hydroplane race, edging out Sean McKean at a close race to the finish line. Sean had the faster boat, but Ike got out in front early in the race and held his position throughout. McKean tried to pass him several times but was always forced to take an outside route around the course to avoid the spray from Yoder’s boat. Apparently if these very hot, high performance engines get doused with water the temperature change will cause the engine to load up on fuel and stall out. It was a very exciting race.

The Video below is of the second heat,  in which Yoder led for a while but McKean eventually caught him and passed him to take the victory.

1938 Ford
1938 Ford 4 door sedan

Car Show

By the time we left the race area for downtown the car show had already officially ended. Luckily there were a few cars still on the street. I particularly liked the 1934 chopped Ford street rod and the 1966 Chevy Impala convertible which Jo wanted to take home. Also got a kick out of seeing a mint condition 1938 Ford 4 door sedan. Too bad I missed the main show. That would have been fun.

1934 Ford Coupe Chopped Street Rod
1934 Ford Coupe Chopped Street Rod

1966 Chevie Impala Convertible
Jo wants to take home this 1966 Chevy Impala