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The Travato is the big winner from Aktiv and RoadTrek business closures

Review: Winnebago Travato Class B Motorhome – 2021 Update

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The Travato is a compact 21 feet long and also on the Dodge Ram ProMaster Chassis with the 3.6 liter 24 valve V6 engine, same as the Hymer Aktiv 2.0. Also like the Aktiv it will tow up to 3500 lbs. But it doesn’t have the same engine generator system as the Aktiv; the Travato comes with a separate 2,800-watt Cummins Onan gas generator.

We most like the 59G floor plan. The dinette is in the front of the coach sharing space with the cab seating. While similar in layout to the Aktiv it appears to have a little more width in the bench seat. The Travato 59G comes with a murphy-bed layout but when in the bed position it is more narrow than the traditional double bed, only 49 inches wide at its widest point. However, the mattress is thick and it sets upon the Froli sleep system, a high tech substitute for box springs.

Like the Aktiv 2.0 the Travato’s Murphy Bed folds up to allow carrying bikes, golf bags, and other toys plus access to additional storage.
travato class b dinette
The Travato dinette will easily serve two people. An extension unit slides out to almost double the space shown here.
Winnebago Travato 59G bed
For 2021 the 59G Bed is 3 inches wider

The 59 G closet or pantry is narrow like the Hymer Aktiv 2.0 but has a little more vertical storage than the Aktiv. The kitchen counter has an folding extension to add counter space, a nice feature. The refrigerator in the 59G layout is quite large and is a two door model with a separate freezer.

Twin Bed Option

There is an alternate twin bed layout (59K & KL) if the 49 inch double bed width is too narrow for two. The twin-bed floor plan has the bathroom in the rear by the double doors. This allows a much larger wardrobe closet with more hanging room than the 59G, plus 3 storage drawers.

2021 update. The twin-beds can now be converted to one large Queen/King sized bed.

Lithium Battery Electrical System (GL and KL models)

The Travato has it’s own brand of lithium ion battery management system, called the Pure 3, similar to what is offered by RoadTrek and Hymer. The system also comes with 215 watt solar panels and is a standard feature, not an option. The L models (GL and KL) also come with a second under-hood alternator (that replaces the standard Onan Generator) powered by the chassis engine and an energy pack heating system. The Lithium system allows all the appliances, including the AC, to be powered off the batteries. Combined with the solar panels these two models are well-suited for off-the-grid living and camping.

Comparing Travato G and Travato K Models

The G and GL models offer a standard Murphy Bed with room for lots of storage underneath the bed (including large items like golf club bags). You also get a dedicated dinette area that also allows you to transport 2 additional passengers. What you “lose” compared to the K and KL models is a wardrobe closet and beds that are easier to get in or out of.

The K and KL models come standard with twin beds that allow the beds to remain “made” during the day and a decent size wardrobe closet, including some drawers. There is a double bed conversion feature but it blocks easy access to the bathroom when it is setup (have to crawl over the double bed setup to get to the bath). Two flip up counter-tops allow either passenger seat to have a laptop console or modest eating setup. The K and KL models are setup to legally only carry two passengers (driver and one rider).

Winnebago Travato Lounge table
The new flip up passenger side table is an improved design, plus has usb and electrical outlets.
Travato Bike Rack
The Bike Rack and the Movable Ladder a popular options

New Winnebago Travato 2021 Features

  • Sumo Air Springs are standard
  • Deluxe FROLI® Sleep System
  • Truma Combi® Eco Plus Heating System (hot water and furnace)
  • Coleman-Mach 10 NDQ AC, quiet and energy efficient
  • Flex Bed kit (59K, 59KL) – converts twin bed model to double bed
  • 2 deep-cycle Group 31 AGM batteries (59G, 59K)
  • Optional Bike Rack, Luggage Rack, Movable Ladder, and heated drainage system

Winnebago Travato 2021 Floor Plans

Winnebago Travato 59 G & GL Floor Plan

Winnebago Travato 2021 G and GL Floor plans
Slightly larger bed and an additional passenger side table for 2021

Winnebago Travato 59 K & KL Floor Plan

Winnebago Travato 2021 K and KL Floor plans.
For 2021, an additional galley table and improved passenger side lounge table

Winnebago Travato Website MSRP $130,056 (2021 base price)

Concluding Comment. In 2019 the Travato G Model did the best job of Class B units in meeting our compact motorhome criteria (see them here). My main reservations are for an “old guy” climbing into the bed from the end is a handicap and my wife in particular will miss having a hanging clothes closet area. For 2021, there are some “new” Class B options that make the K model as possible better fit for our comfort criteria. But I am even more enthused by the possibilities of the new Winnebago Solis PX.

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Ross Reinhold for ScenicPathways, December 2020

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