Best Compact Motorhomes – 2022-23

winnebago ekko rv

Shopping for a small RV? Check out the smaller, compact Class C RV Motorhomes reviewed in this article: Thor Compass, Coachman Cross Trail, Winnebago Ekko, and the Leisure Travel Wonder Past Compact Motorhome RV Reviews In 2018 When I did my first review of best compact RV motorhomes, I found the best examples in Europe where RV enthusiasts have a huge selection of full featured motorhomes under 23 feet in length. (See our article here). In my follow-up reviews focusing on what is offered by the US motorhome industry, I…

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Winnebago Revel & Adventure Van Alternatives

Winnebago Revel Adventure Van

What to Like and Not Like about the Winnebago Revel. Winnebago introduced the Revel in the fall of 2017 as the first mass-produced, manufactured 4×4 RV in the United States. It essentially created a new category of compact motorhomes now known as “adventure vans.” In this article, I review the pluses and minuses of the 2022 model and profile the top Adventure Van competitors to the Revel (among them the Thor Sanctuary, the Jayco Terrain, and the Pleasure-way Recon). 2022 Winnebago Revel – Pros and Cons The 2022 model is…

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Best Compact RV Motorhomes from Winnebago

Winnebago Grand National Rally

Review of top small Class C and Class B Winnebago motorhomes for 2022 The 2021 Winnebago Grand National Rally in Forest City, Iowa provided my wife Jo and I an opportunity to personally inspect the 2022 offerings from Winnebago in the compact motorhome and camper van market segment. I not only wanted informative content for our Scenic Pathways travelblog, we’ve also considered some of these models as potential replacements for our Winnebago Rialta (see our first article on Best Compact RVs here). In this article we review 3 new Winnebago…

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Reviewing the Airstream Bambi and its competitors

Airstream Bambi FB20

Is Airstream the Best Compact Tow Behind RV? What else comes close? The Airstream Travel Trailer is the benchmark in quality and luxury among RV campers. But before you buy there are 7 other brands and models you should consider before buying an Airstream. In this article, I review the 20 foot Airstream Bambi and its top-rated competitors in the premium compact travel trailer category – the Sol Horizon, the Escape 19, the Lance 1685, and the Little Guy Max. I also include shorter profiles of 3 other full featured…

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Best Camper Vans

winnebago solis

Camper Vans Reviews in this article: Winnebago Solis & Solis PX, Solis Pocket, PleasureWay Tofino, and Thor Tollaro In an earlier article on featuring Modular Conversion Camper Vans, I commented that major RV manufacturers need to create what is essentially a successor to the venerable VW Bus-Camper Van, an affordable camper van that doesn’t require a second mortgage on your home to acquire! Apparently Winnebago was listening because a short while later they came out with the Winnebago Solis, a pop-top full featured camper built on the medium-sized Ram ProMaster…

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Best Like New Compact RV Motorhomes

Thor Compass RV 2021

This is an older article reviewing the best of small motorhomes. I am republishing it for the benefit of RVers who are looking for a good used or pre-owned compact motorhome. Ross Reinhold, editor and publisher For new smaller, compact motorhomes see our 2021-22 Update to our Best Compact RV Motorhomes – so check it out for the latest recommendations. When we did our last review of best compact motorhomes, we found the best examples in Europe where RV enthusiasts have a huge selection of full featured motorhomes under 23…

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Best Class B Motorhomes

Winnebago Travato

Compact Full Featured Class B Motorhomes In an earlier review of Best in Class B Motorhomes, the Hymer Activ 2.0 and the RoadTrek 210 were among our recommended units. However due to the bankruptcy of Hymer North America both of these top rated models have ceased to exist! So that left the Winnebago Travato as the clear best option for full featured Class B compact motorhomes. According to sales data, buyers make the Travato is the #1 best selling camper van in the US. But now for 2021-22 there are…

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Campgrounds and RV Resorts | Chiefland, Florida

southern leisure rv park

Best Campgrounds for RVs in Chiefland, Florida and Cedar Key Most RVers and campers come to Chiefland for its nearby Manatee Springs State Park or because of the attractions found in the Gulf resort community of Cedar Key (about 30 miles SW). While Cedar Key does have 4 RV parks, they are mostly filled with seasonal, long-stay campers. What few spaces might be available will come at high price tag. So most Cedar Key short-stay RVers find the camping in the Chiefland area a much better option. Google Maps list…

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The New RoadTrek RV for 2021

RoadTrek Class B 2021

RoadTrek Review: RoadTrek Comes Back to Life! The RoadTrek Class B motorhome has risen from the ashes of the bankruptcy of Erwin Hymer Group North America, Ontario manufacturer of RoadTrek, Hymer Aktiv, and Carado Class B motorhomes. (See our earlier article on the Hymer-RoadTrek bankruptcy) While the North American version of the Hymer and Carado motorhomes are gone, some manufacturing facilities and the Roadtrek brand was acquired, in 2019, by French-owned Groupe Rapido who began plans to resume production. That has happened. RoadTrek Class B Motorhomes for 2021 RoadTrek is…

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Best Modular Camper Vans

Modular Camper Vans

Class B Camper Vans are the fastest growing motorhome segment in the RV industry. For the size, they pack a lot of features into an easy to drive and gas mileage-friendly platform. But there are 2 Big Drawbacks for the person new to RVing who likes the idea of the compact Class B motorhome: They ain’t cheap. The price at the MSRP is in excess of $100,000 and not a lot of variety of floor plan options. Units from Major RV manufacturers like Winnebago, Thor, Coachmen are back-ordered forcing new…

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Winnebago Fuse Compact Class C Motorhome

winnebago fuse motorhome

In our earlier reviews of Best Compact Class C Motorhomes, we featured the Winnebago Trend as a top-rated Compact Class C unit. That model is no longer available and has been replaced in their line up by Winnie with the Fuse. Well now the Fuse has been discontinued as Winnebago and other US manufacturers are replacing these models with Class B or Camper Van units. However if you are in the market for a pre-owned vehicle AND need more room than a Class B offers both the Trend and the…

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Best USA-Canadian Compact Motorhomes

Best Class C Motorhome Reviews – USA & Canadian Models In an earlier post (top compact European motorhomes – see article) I discussed some criteria my wife and I have should we elect to replace our aging Winnebago Rialta motorhome. Class C Motorhomes made in the USA and Canada lack many of the features we now enjoy. On the other hand several European motor home manufacturers offer a number of compact full-featured motorhomes (see our article) that we would consider as viable replacements. In this article I review the Best…

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Update Hymer & RoadTrek Layoff

winnebago travato class B RV

Are Aktiv and RoadTrek Class B Motorhomes going out of business? As many Aktiv and Road Trek owners know by now, on Feb 15, 2019 Erwin Hymer Group North America, Ontario manufacturer of RoadTrek, Hymer Aktiv, and Carado Class B motorhomes ceased business operations, laid off all their employees, and was placed into receivership by the courts. Hymer Group NA’s indebtedness to over 900 creditors was estimated at 273 million dollars. According to one source close to the company “profitability . . . was materially exaggerated or otherwise mischaracterized” and…

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The Best Class B Motorhomes

hymer class b motorhomes

RV Review: What are the Best Class B RV Motorhomes See our other RV Reviews: Best Class C Motorhomes, Top European Compact RVs and see our list of Top RV Shows for 2020 A Class B Motorhome is essentially a Custom Van built on an assembly line by a motorhome manufacturer. In the US the most popular van chassis as a base for the customization are the Mercedes Sprinter, the Ford Transit, and the Dodge Ram ProMaster. Some of the top Class B RV manufacturers are Airstream, Pleasure Way, Coachman,…

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Road Trek 210 | Best Class B RVs

RoadTrek 210 Class B RV

Reviewing the RoadTrek 210 While the popular RoadTrek 210 model is no longer in production, this review will be helpful for those looking to purchase pre-owned compact motorhomes. And if you are NEW to RVing, buying an older unit might be the quickest way of entry into the lifestyle! See our more recent post on the New 2021 Line of RoadTrek Motorhomes and Camper Vans. RoadTrek 210 Review There are probably more Class Bs on the road by Road Trek. They began in 1974 as a custom van manufacturer creating…

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