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RoadTrek 210 Class B RV

Reviewing the RoadTrek 210

While the popular RoadTrek 210 model is no longer in production, this review will be helpful for those looking to purchase pre-owned compact motorhomes. And if you are NEW to RVing, buying an older unit might be the quickest way of entry into the lifestyle!

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RoadTrek 210 Review

There are probably more Class Bs on the road by Road Trek. They began in 1974 as a custom van manufacturer creating the Home & Park brand from Dodge Vans. The first fuller-featured RoadTrek was introduced in 1980. They currently offer 10 models with a range of options within each model allowing customizing to your tastes and needs.

The 210 Popular Model is a very handsome unit with lots of nice amenities in a vehicle that is less than 22 feet long. It’s powered by a Chevie vortec 6.0 V8 gas engine and built on the Chevrolet Express chassis. It has pleasing aerodynamics, less than 9 feet tall (including AC unit) but the interior height will still allow a 6 foot 2″ person to stand tall.

roadtrek 210 dinette
The compact dinette up front means you don’t have to make up the bed in back to have a meal. There is a larger table in the back that can be set up for serving more than two people.
roadtrek 210 galley
Generous counter top space and 5 cu ft fridge are two features we liked in the RoadTrek.

Some of the standard features I liked was a nice size 5.0 cu. ft refrigerator-freezer, the galley with more-than-average extra counter space, and the pull-out dining table for the front captains chairs. This last feature allows you to leave the rear couch-dinette-bed unit to be kept as a made-up bed during the day. A wardrobe or armoire is available as a replacement for one of the lounge seats.

RoadTrek has also extended the Chevie Van width to allow more external storage than you often find with Class Bs and a wee bit more interior room. This customization of the coach portion of the van makes it what some might call a B+ Class as it is wider and longer than the Chevie base van. Because they added length and width to the standard van, this added extra weight and probably accounts for the more modest 1000 towing capacity.

An option I’d recommend is the EkoTrek battery management system featuring lithium power module that greatly extends living off-the-grid or boondocking. It will run both 12 volt and 110 appliances and because of the battery technology and the unique underhood gen set, recharging the batteries is much quicker.

road trek
The seating in the rear converts to a king size bed.

The RoadTrek 210 MSRP is $128,952 pricing it similar to Mercedes/Sprinter model Class Bs. The trade-off is that instead of the Mercedes diesel power plant and Sprinter chassis you get easier and less expensive service with the Chevie Chassis and Powertrain and a bit more interior/exterior storage space than you’d get with a Sprinter model. Since the base price is on the high side, one disappointment was the number of features listed as optional that are standard in some competitive units that have a lower price tag. In our search for units for sale by dealers, we couldn’t find any offering the 210 model. Price point could be the problem. Buyers who can afford a $130,00o to $140,000 unit may not pay that for a Chevie but would for Mercedes. (These Mercedes buyers are likely to find that they pay a premium a second time whenever they need service!) Most dealers preferred to offer the RoadTrek models under a $100,000 MSRP. But those less expensive models didn’t meet enough of our criteria to qualify.

RoadTrek Updates

Important Feb 18, 2019 Update. Bad News. The venerable RoadTrek brand has just suffered a potentially fatal blow. Hymer North America which acquired the Ontario RV manufacturer a few years ago has just laid off its entire workforce and announced it is going into receivership. Apparently some malfeasance by members of the upper management were part of the problem. Read more about the Hymer Layoff here.

May 1, 2019 Update. Good News. The RoadTrek Brand & Manufacturing Facilities (read article here) have been acquired by French motorhome manufacturer Rapido SAS.

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