Great River Road Fall Color

The view from Winona's Garvin Heights scenic overlook should not be missed.

Winona to Wabasha Fall Color Drive

One of the favorite fall color drive loops along the Minnesota-Wisconsin Great River Road stretches from Wabasha to Winona on both sides of the river.

In the third week of October 2017 we started our trip on the Minnesota side going north. In general we found the colors on the Minnesota side more vibrant and varied. I think the difference may be in the sun exposure affecting the distribution of the species of trees and the progress of color change. The Minnesota side faces north-east, whereas the Wisconsin side faces south-west.

Bluff View LaCrosse
One of the many scenic overlooks along the Wisconsin-Minnesota Great River Road

Best week for Peak Color along the River Road

Because the predominate deciduous trees along the river bluffs (oaks, maples, basswood, birch, etc.) change color at different times “Peak Color” can be an impossible dream. If you are earlier in the season you’ll catch more maples, ash and walnut changing, with yellows, oranges and lime green. If you are later in the season you’ll catch more oaks with deep red hues and some yellows from birch trees.  But usually when the oaks and birch are most outstanding, the leaves have fallen from the ash, maples, and walnuts.

So our recommendation is just go when you know there will be some color and nice weather. Enjoy whatever combination mother nature presents at the time.

The Ashes were turning along the Minnesota Great River Road between La Crescent and Winona.

Best Direction of Travel for Good Fall Color

We noticed in traveling both sides of the river from Southern Wisconsin that the view along the Wisconsin side traveling south was more colorful than the views traveling north along the Wisconsin Great River Road. So our recommended loop for the best color is going south on the Wisconsin side from Nelson, Wisconsin through Fountain City, Wisconsin and across the river from Winona, MN. For travelers going north we recommend the Minnesota side from Winona to Wabasha. Bridges cross the river at both Wabasha and Winona facilitating this loop.

Great River Road Fall Color Pictures

From Just south of Winona looking across the river at Wisconsin’s Perrot State Park and the Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge

Brady Mountain, Perrot State Park.
In the background Brady Mountain, Perrot State Park.
Trempealeau Mountain
Perrot State Park. In the background Trempealeau Mountain

Reick’s Lake Park is north of Alma, Wisconsin at the mouth of the Buffalo River as it enters the Mississippi. It has several nice RV sites along the shoreline and is on the migration route for Tundra Swans and White Pelicans.

Reick's Lake Park
Looking east from one of the RV sites at Reick’s Lake Park.
Reick's Lake Park
Those are white pelicans middle right in the photo.

Nelson Creamery – Wisconsin Great River Road
A popular stop for fall color tourists for lunch, ice cream, and Wisconsin Cheese in a historic creamery along the River Road

Nelson Creamery Outdoor Dining
On a sunny day the Creamery’s secluded patio offers a most pleasing dining experience.

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Winona to Wabasha

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