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Peg Leg Petes Pensacola Beach
Peg Leg Pete's Oyster & Seafood Bar

Dining and Drinking at Peg Leg Pete’s Seafood & Oyster Bar

Peg Leg Pete’s is one the most popular oyster and seafood bars in Pensacola Beach. Prior to our visit there, we’ve driven by the place many, many times and their parking lot always seemed full . . . so we figured to try to catch them at a not-too-busy time period sometime in the future.

We camped at Fort Pickens Park 6 miles west of town and decided to ride our bikes into town on a Wednesday for lunch at Peg Leg Pete’s. Many others had the same idea so we had to “take a number” to wait for a table to open up. That wasn’t too long and soon we are inside being served. Once inside and looking around it is apparent Peg Leg’s several dining areas will accommodate lots more diners than there are parking spaces. So tip for other visitors. A full parking lot does not mean long waits for a table. . . . or actually getting your meal served. This is a big place inside.

Peg Leg Petes Bar Pensacola Beach
Peg Leg’s Upstairs Bar
Peg Leg Petes Pensacola Beach
One of Peg Leg Pete’s several dining areas

Rating the Seafood & Drinks

Jo and I each ordered their Grilled Grouper BBQ Sandwich basket that came with fries and the grouper fillet on a bakery bread toast plus leaf lettuce, tomato, onion and the BBQ sauce. Table service is a sturdy picnic table with the usual basket of condiments and sauces. Service of the sandwich and fries is laid out on a paper napkins in a red oval plastic basket (the kind that is standard issue for bars across the country). However, eating utensils were stainless steel (not plastic), so one touch up from picnic style table service. 🙂

I ordered Pete’s Imperial Stout and Jo ordered one of their fancy Mimosa drinks. The Stout came with a decent head and sufficiently chilled schooner. The beer had good body and taste, a decent Guissness style drink. Jo’s Mimosa was a bit sweet for her tastes, but she was ordering an unfamiliar cocktail blend so other’s may find the drink “spot on” for a Mimosa.

The fries tended towards soft and moist and a bit too salty (unless you are a strong salt fan) but tasty none-the-less. The Grouper sandwiches rated excellent, grilled to the point of being nice and hot but still some moisture left inside. They melt in your mouth. A decent size fillet with fresh and crips toppings.

Peg Leg Pete's Grouper Sandwich, Pensacola Beach
Grouper Sandwich with Fries and a Schooner of Stout

Quality Food Service – Fun Ambience

Peg Leg’s service is prompt and attentive. Watching the table service around the room you could see they have a staff of well-trained, efficient and mostly youthful servers. After finishing our meals, the table was soon cleared by the efficient server staff, but our server, after handling our payment, encouraged us to linger as long as we wanted, which I felt is a nice touch . . . as otherwise I would have felt rushed by her efficiency.

While the tables are picnic style, the seating at Peg Leg’s is comfortable individual chairs, not picnic-style benches. The walls and ceilings are covered in memorabilia: full of old time photographs, signs, wooden sculptures, and lots and lots of license plates. Peg Leg’s provides an entertaining dining atmosphere.

Our Overall Rating of Peg Leg Pete’s Oyster and Seafood Bar

Pete’s gets 4 ½ stars from us. Definitely a top place to eat and drink in Pensacola Beach. They offer no water side views like we found at Flounders or Red Fish/Blue Fish, other top rated Pensacola Beach Dining and Pubs, but otherwise service and food quality was equal and deserving of being one of the best Pensacola Beach dining entertainment places.

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