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RoadTrek Class B 2021
New RoadTrek Motorhome

RoadTrek Review: RoadTrek Comes Back to Life!

The RoadTrek Class B motorhome has risen from the ashes of the bankruptcy of Erwin Hymer Group North America, Ontario manufacturer of RoadTrek, Hymer Aktiv, and Carado Class B motorhomes. (See our earlier article on the Hymer-RoadTrek bankruptcy) While the North American version of the Hymer and Carado motorhomes are gone, some manufacturing facilities and the Roadtrek brand was acquired, in 2019, by French-owned Groupe Rapido who began plans to resume production. That has happened.

RoadTrek Class B Motorhomes for 2021

RoadTrek is currently offering several models built on the Dodge ProMaster long body chassis platform used by Industry leader Winnebago Travato and Thor Sequence. The floor plans of all the models are quite similar: Twin Beds that can convert into Queen or King size and a tiny front dining setup. The small dining table can also be moved in the rear between the twin beds used as lounges.

The Play model ($104,986 USD)

The Play comes with a 400 amp hour AGM battery system, a 3,000 W Sine Wave inverter/converter, and an under-hood generator. A 13′ power awing is standard equipment. The Play also comes with other amenities you would expect like a coach AC and furnace, refrigerator, microwave, etc. It is pre-wired for TV, but you supply your own set.

roadtrek class b galley
Play model interior. All the models include the same galley and front coach layout

Zion, Chase, and Slumber Models

The Zion and Chase models ($142,660 USD) offer some premium features over the Play model. Add-ons include: a 400 amp hour Lithium battery system, a comprehensive led screen coach systems control station, 330 watts of solar panel, a 24″ TV, and a few more interior color/fabric choices. But the floor plan and the cab features are identical to the Play model.

The Zion model ($139,860 USD) is essentially the same as the Chase with a slightly different floor plan in the rear of the coach. While the Chase and Play models have two twin beds in the rear, with the Zion you get two side facing power sofa’s in the rear that can be converted into one king size bed. Or the lounge cushions set aside and the sofas become two twin beds.

The top of RoadTrek line is the Zion Slumber ($153,986 USD). With the slumber you add a camper pop-top to the mix, which gives you a king size bed in the loft. So you have sleeping room for four (five if you add the optional folding mattress for the front captains chairs in the cab). The optional forward facing sofa-bed also allows a larger dining table configuration and provides additional passenger seating capability as it has seat belts.

Roadtrek Zion Slumber Camper Van
The poptop adds sleeping for two more people
zion slumber poptop
Upper Bunk of the Slumber model
Sofa of Zion Slumber
Power sofa that converts into Queen Bed

What to like about the New RoadTrek

I like that RoadTrek has come back to life; I hated to lose a pioneer in Class B motorhomes.

I most like the Play model. The layout includes an adequate size closet for hanging clothes, a feature absent on some class Bs. It’s pull-out pantry storage is a nice touch and the galley has a flip-up counter extension.

I like the looks of the layout of the bathroom and its position allows viewing through the back windows from the driver’s seat.

The strongest feature of the Play model could be its’ price. While its floor plan is similar to the PleasureWay Lexor FL its’ MSRP is $15,000 less. True you get a few less bells and whistles than the Lexor FL but those are frills some buyers will gladly exchange for the money savings. The overall package is a spacious Class B motorhome for two people that you can expect to buy for less than $100,000, what I consider an important price point.

However, if having a Lithium-Based electrical system is a must-have for you, the Chase model gives you that feature for $10,000 less than the industry leading Winnebago Travato KL. However if a buyer digs into the details, the Travato KL or GL version may has some other features that are superior to the Chase so it might not be a good apples to apples comparison.

On the other hand, if a MSRP in the neighborhood of $150,000 doesn’t scare you off, you can move up to the RoadTrek Zion Slumber which also includes the Lithium Battery and Solar System but in addition a PopTop camper upper loft and rear sofa that allows you to handle up to five passengers. For some buyers, this may be a preferred trade for whatever more favorable features the similarly equipped Travato offers.

What we dislike about the New RoadTrek

Very disappointed to lose the European-style dedicated front dining and lounge area which the Hymer Acktiv 2.0 introduced to the American market. The two-person front dining alternative offered by the new RoadTrek appears quite cumbersome, especially to use the driver’s side seating area.

RoadTrek Dining ARea
Once the table is set up, it seems access to the driver’s seating would be cumbersome.

The marginal front dining option also compromises being able to leave the rear bed setup during the day. The front dining table also needs to be stored somewhere when driving.

I fear the Chase and Zion models will price themselves out of the market. Coachmen, Thor and PleasureWay offer models with similar layouts and features at a slightly lower price point. The $35,000 price jump from the Play to the Zion leaves a large gap in the Class B motorhome market. Right in the middle of that gap is the Winnebago Solis PX with a MSRP of $119,230.00. Compared to the more expensive Zion and Chase the Solis PX gives you a poptop camper bed, loads more interior storage, and a useable front lounge area which allows you the option of leaving the bed down during the day.

Closing Comment

Overall the new RoadTrek seems not to have made the creative use of small space that is a hallmark of European motorhome design. That is disappointing from a company with European roots and disappointing for a successor model to the former Canadian Hymer Aktiv 2.0, which was a forerunner of bringing that Euro design to the US market.

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