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Class B Motorhome Review: Hymer Aktiv 2.0

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May 1, 2019. See our update Hymer motorhome plant closure and layoff.

German motorhome manufacturer Hymer acquired RoadTrek to gain entry into the North American market. They are manufacturing a Hymer line of products in the RoadTrek factory in Ontario, Canada.

Unfortunately the Hymer Activ2.0 that we profiled in this article, and liked very much, is no longer being made due to the company discontinuing operations (see article referenced above if you want more details.)

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aktiv 2.0
The Murphy Bed tilts up for access to the spacious storage compartments and provides an aisle to bring bikes, golf clubs, or other toys.
Hymer Aktiv Dinette
Dinette easily offers room for two and some tiny space for two more casual diners. Table can stay up while traveling for a passenger to use as a desk.

We like the Aktiv 2.0 as it packs a lot of quality features in a compact package. It is built on a Dodge ProMaster chassis and comes in at less than 21 feet in length. The power plant is a 24 valve 3.6 liter gas engine that I’ve been told gets pretty decent gas mileage. A feature I particularly like is the dinette area is forward next to the cab, a setup often found in European compact motorhomes. There’s seating for four with a bench seat and the two cab seats that turn around. The foldup dinette table, however, is too small to handle four people, three max. This allows you to keep your rear bed made up during the daytime, a handy feature.

Another feature I like is the gen set is part of the basic Dodge engine, actually a second alternator that generates 110 power. Why this is a plus is because separate generators take special care and maintenance; if they aren’t regularly exercised the carb gets gummed up and as a separate engine it brings another set of maintenance chores. I suppose running your Dodge engine might burn a little more fuel than an independent gen set engine, but unless you use your gen set quite a lot, the difference is probably only a few dollars a year.

You can see the influence of German engineering in a number of the appointments in the interior. Quality materials and intelligent design. Spacious cabinets, good led lighting, and a decent amount of natural light through the windows and skylight. The rear area can either be a convertible power sofa that converts into a king bed or a murphy-style bed that folds up if you want a huge amount of cargo space for bikes, golf clubs, etc. Even in the down position, the murphy bed provides a goodly amount of extra storage underneath.

While shown sleeping front to back, sleepers less than 6′ could sleep side-side in the coach  due to the slightly larger width of the ProMaster chassis.

The main drawback is the relatively tiny closet. It looks to be only about 12 inches wide, maybe even less. So not much space for hanging clothes. The refrigerator is also smaller than the Roadtrek, coming in a 3.1 cubic feet.

Like the RoadTrek 210, the Aktiv also offers the EkoTrek battery management system as an option that greatly extends your off-the-grid living and comfort. Unlike the RoadTrek, the Aktiv has a more hefty towing capacity – up to 3500 lbs. And it is considerably less expensive to buy.

Hymer Aktiv 2.0 MSRP starting at $102,427

Important Feb 18, 2019 Update. Our enthusiasm for the Hymer Aktiv 2.0 has been greatly dampened. The Ontario firm has just laid off its entire workforce and announced it is going into receivership. Apparently some malfeasance by members of the upper management were part of the problem. Read more about the Hymer Layoff here and their financial difficulties involving an estimated $300 million in liabilities.

While Hymer won’t be returning, the company buying the assets of the firm and the RoadTrek name has re-entered the US-Canadian motorhome market. See our December, 2020. Article on The “New” 2021 RoadTrek

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