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Boardwalk Shell Mound
The Boardwalk and Fishing Pier at Shell Mound

There are two hiking and nature trails within the town of Cedar Key, Florida and several other nearby trails in the Cedar Keys Preserve and Lower Suwanee River Wildlife Refuge.

Cedar Key Railroad Trestle Nature Trail

railroad trestle nature trail

This is an easy walk (2/3 of a mile round trip) along a peninsula that was part of the railroad bed of a passenger and freight railway that served Cedar Key from 1861 to 1932. Several dozen plants, trees, and wildflowers are labeled and described along the trail. Bayou and marsh on either side of the trail make it quite secluded and good habit for songbirds, waterfowl, and butterflies. Ospreys are a common sight overhead. While the display board at the beginning of the trail provides some of the history of the railroad, more historical background can be had at the history center at the corner of 2nd and D streets in downtown Cedar Key.

Cemetery Point Trail & Boardwalk

cemetery point trail boardwalk

The 1200 feet long boardwalk section of the trail starts near the entrance to the Cedar Key Cemetery and runs through a marsh land adjacent to one the back bays and channels of the keys providing an opportunity to see waterfowl and osprey. The boardwalk ends when it accesses Cemetery Point Park where the trail then winds through several exercise stations of the fitness trail that is in the park. While the walk is a pleasant nature trail stroll, those looking for more strenuous exercise can follow the posted routines at each of the fitness stations.

cemetery point fitness trail
Jo tries out an exercise station. The fitness trail is like a free health club with terrific views

Hiking & Nature Trails Cedar Key Florida.
Cedar Key Hiking and Nature Trails – from Apple Maps

Dennis Creek Hiking Trail
The beginning of the boardwalk section of the Dennis Creek Trail
Dennis Creek Hiking Trail Cedar Keys
Overlooking the freshwater pond on the Dennis Creek Trail

Shell Mound and Dennis Creek Trails

Shell Mound and Dennis Creek Trails are in the Shell Mound Unit of the Lower Suwanee National Wildlife Refuge about a 7 mile drive from Cedar Key. The Dennis Creek Trail is a 1 mile loop with a boardwalk that leads from the mainland, across 3 bridges over a salt barren, to a coastal island and then returns. There is an observation deck overlooking a fresh water pond. It is a very easy walk with interesting changes in scenery.

The Shell Mound Trail is a short loop to the top of the mound that is 28 feet above sea level. The mound was built from accumulation of shells and bones deposited there by ancient native peoples who may have used it for various ceremonies. A path off the Shell Mound Trail leads to a boardwalk and fishing pier (see photo at the top of this page) that looks out over a bayou of Suwanee Sound.

Dennis Creek Hiking and Nature Trail Cedar Keys Wildlife Refuge
Dennis Creek Nature Trail
Shell Mound Nature Trail and Boardwalk
Shell Mound Nature Trail & Boardwalk

Shell Mound RV Campground & Park

Nearby within walking distance of these two trails is Shell Mound County Park with a boat launch, picnic area, and RV sites. See more information about camping at Shell Mound Park here.

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