Gravity Hill Shullsburg, Wisconsin

Going "down" Gravity Hill

Coasting Uphill on Gravity Hill

About a mile south of historic Shullsburg, Wisconsin is an interesting and fun phenomenon that must be seen and experienced to believe. Some would say there are mystic forces involved. Others will go with the scientific explanation that it is a trick of perception – your eyes deceive you, what you “see” is not “what you get.”

There’s a portion of County Road U south of town that you are going downhill but if you stop your vehicle at a certain point and put your transmission in neutral, take your foot off the brake, you will find yourself coasting backwards uphill!

See our video of this amazing experience.

How to get to Gravity Hill.

In downtown Shullsburg go to the intersection of Water Street and Judgement Street. Turn south on Judgement Street and take it out of town (where it is now known as County U). Once clearly out of town, look for a paved road on your left (Rennick Road). Continue past that intersection about 600 feet and look for a GH and a line painted on the road. That is where you stop to try your coasting uphill experiment. Put your flashers on and beware of oncoming traffic.

Kingsley Crossing Shullsburg, WI

Kingsley Crossing Shullsburg
Keena about to enjoy a “Superman” flavor ice cream cone.

Visiting Historic Shullsburg

If prior to your Gravity Hill experience you haven’t stopped and spent time in Shullsburg, do it. Things to do include: visiting the Shullsburg Creamery Cheese Shop, stopping in some interesting shops and boutiques, browse antique and collectable items, dine at some neat pubs and restaurants, visit the mining museum, and do a walking tour around town looking at the historic buildings that have been restored.

After our Gravity Hill experience, we stopped in Kingsley Crossing where Jo and the girls got some ice cream cones. (see pictures)

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