Fort Pickens National Park

Sunset on the beach at Fort Pickens-Gulf Islands National Park

Camping and Visiting Fort Pickens & Gulf Islands National Seashore Park – Pensacola Beach, Florida

The world-class pristine, expansive white sand beach is
among the many attractions at Fort Pickens National Park.

Fort Pickens Gulf Beach
The uncrowded pristine beaches at Fort Pickens are among Florida’s top rated.

Slide Show Top Fort Pickens Attractions

  • Historic Fort Pickens
    The 1834 historical fort is the main visitor attraction for non-campers. The Fort along with the island's numerous gun batteries has an interesting military history from before the civil war through World War II.
  • Fort Pickens Campground
    The popular campground at Fort Pickens will accommodate larger RVs as well as smaller units and tents
  • Fort Pickens Gulf Beach
    The uncrowded pristine beaches at Fort Pickens are among Floridas top rated.
  • Fort Pickens Hiking Trails
    Hiking/biking Trail from the Fort to the Campground
  • Biking at Fort Pickens
    Bikes are useful for riding from the campground to one of the beaches within the park as well as on the hiking/biking trails in the park. Also useful to ride the 6 miles into the town of Pensacola Beach (speed limit on the park road is 25 mph and is not heavily traveled)

What is there to do at Fort Pickens Gulf Islands Park & Campground?

  • Fishing, beach combing, swimming, and sunbathing on sparsely populated white sand beaches on the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Tour the historic Fort Pickens and Island Gun Batteries and learn about the military history of the Fort and of Santa Rosa Island.
  • Hike the several hiking and nature trails in the park.
  • Bird-Watching. Over 280 species of birds have been identified on the gulf barrier islands.
  • Visit the Discovery Center to explore exhibits on the natural environment, wildlife, and history of the Fort Pickens Area.
  • Bike the roads in the park and bike the road between the park and Pensacola Beach.
  • Camping in a tent or RV in one of the full-service campsites or in a group the more rustic backcountry sites. (See our Campground Review further down this page)
  • Like Fishing? Fort Pickens does have a fishing pier that extends out into Pensacola Bay.
  • If staying in the campground, enjoy numerous attractions in the nearby vacation community of Pensacola Beach and the larger city of Pensacola across the bay from the park. At the end of this article are several links to interesting things to see and do in the area.
Pensacola Beach Santa Rosa Island
If you like the excitement of ocean resort towns, Pensacola Beach is less than 15 minutes from the Fort Pickens campground

Directions on Getting to Fort Pickens Historical Site from Pensacola Florida

To get to Fort Pickens from Pensacola on the mainland, you have to take the bridge across the bay to Gulf Breeze and then take another bridge to Pensacola Beach on Santa Rosa Island. Located on the remote western end of the island, Fort Pickens Recreation Area & Campground is the largest unit of the Gulf Island National Seashore. It is a great spot for people who enjoy sun and surf, relaxing by the ocean or walking the beach in an uncrowded, natural setting. History buffs, particularly those interested in US military history from the War of 1812 to World War II, will also enjoy the experience of touring the old Fort Pickens and several gun batteries that exist throughout the park. Fort Pickens also has an interesting museum, featuring interactive exhibits on the natural and historic features of the Gulf Islands National Lakeshore.

The park occupies the entire western end of the island and includes several beach access points. Other than the campground and park offices, there is no habitation for about 6 miles until you reach the outskirts of the resort town of Pensacola Beach. There you can find more populated beaches, lots of amusements, places to dine, and exotic beverages.

Historic Fort Pickens

The restored 1834 Fort and the assortment of many shoreline battery units added to the complex in World War II are one of the major attractions of the park. Go here to learn about the fascinating military history of this fort and its companion Fort Barrancas which is situated across the bay.

Fort Pickens Campground Review

Fort Pickens Campground
Fort Pickens Campground has 180 sites with water and electricity

The Fort Pickens campground is set about a half mile east of the old fort, nestled between the remains of several of the coastal artillery gun batteries that were constructed during World War II. The campground offers 180 sites, with water and electrical hookups on 138 sites. (Nov 30, 2018 update. Recently 42 sites in the B&D areas have been converted to Tent-only) The bath units also have showers. Many of the sites are paved, some have 50 amp service, and some are large enough for very large units. Some of the sites are suitable only for small motorhomes, RV popups, or tents. There is also a group campground.

There is a sprinkling of trees within the campground and the entire campground complex is surrounded by bayous and natural gulf island trees, shrubs, flowers, dunes and vegetation. Some of the areas within the park and near the campground are protected wildlife sanctuaries and bird watching is a popular activity. There were at least two occupied Osprey nests you could see from the campground.

The remoteness of the park means that kids have plenty of room to room around without danger of traffic or intersecting with “undesirable” folks. They can burn off some energy on the various hiking trails or exploring the gun batteries or Fort Pickens. The remoteness also means the park is “quiet” insulated from highway noise or urban intrusion. The campsite roads are paved, as are roads within the park, so that favors bike riding, roller blading, or skateboarding. But there are no amenities like those found at RV or Jellystone Parks like swimming pool, game room, volleyball/basketball, etc. For campers without kids or families that want a less “energetic” campground atmosphere, the lack of these extra amenities is a plus – a quieter park.

You can reserve camp sites via website and doing so in advance is recommended, especially for weekend periods.

Alternative Campground. Times when we’ve not been able to get into the park due no sites available, we often have been able to find a spot at Big Lagoon State Park at the western end of Pensacola.

Fort Pickens Park Hiking Trails

There are hiking trails from the campground to the Fort Pickens restoration and museum, from the campground to the sand beaches facing the gulf, to the beaches on Pensacola Bay, between the two major camping areas, to some of the World War II Gun Battery encampments, and to picnic pavilions in the park. And there are several miles of sand beach to hike!

fort pickens map
Fort Pickens map (from Google Maps)

What you may not like about camping at Fort Pickens

The only downside of camping for several days at Fort Pickens is ironically part of its charm – its remote and natural setting. You are many miles from other attractions in the Pensacola area. Our excursions to visit some of these attractions often involved over 50 miles round trip. And to get to these “other attractions” you need to go through a busy resort and condo corridor to get to explore the area. If your visit happens to include a holiday, plan to stay around camp unless you are tolerant of heavy traffic. One time it took us an hour to cross the bridge back to Santa Rosa Island from dining out in Pensacola.

Weather exposure may be a concern of some. Since Fort Pickens is on a narrow gulf barrier islands (Santa Rosa Island) it is exposed to the weather coming off the ocean. The road to the park from the resort town of Pensacola Beach is subject to flooding and there is little shelter from significant storms hitting the island. The Park Service flyer alerts you that “. . . at times there may be some risk of becoming temporarily stranded in the park, especially when a storm event or an unusual weather pattern takes us by surprise. Santa Rosa Island is a special place where we get to witness the dramatic interaction of weather, sea, and land, although doing so may at times be inconvenient, especially when plans are disrupted.”

Another feature you may not like about camping at Fort Pickens is if you are golfer and want to play Pensacola Bay golf courses. The nearest golf course is Tiger Bay Golf Club on the key at Gulf Breeze. It is 16 miles one way. All of the other Pensacola courses are over 20 miles one way and some of the best ones like Perdido Bay and Lost Key are more than 30 miles away.

It got warm enough for me to wade in the ocean but for my blood still too cool to swim.
It got warm enough for me to wade in the ocean on the beach at Fort Pickens . . .  but for my blood, it was still too cool to swim.

Other Recommended Pensacola area Campgrounds

Our favorite alternative to camping at Fort Pickens in the Pensacola area is Big Lagoon State Park – see our review near Perdido Key. We love this park. It is over 600 acres and free from city noise and traffic and has several nice hiking trails, including some that are boardwalks. The parking pads are generally level, but mostly sand and gravel; only handicap pads get a paved surface. The sites are nicely spaced and most have trees and shrubbery separating them from one another. The beaches aren’t as spectacular as what you find on Santa Rosa island and they face a lagoon not the ocean. But they aren’t crowded and look shallow enough for wading.

While there are lots of dining choices and other services close to the park (see our review of  Triggers a family-owned sea food restaurant), the “night life” or “entertainment” in this area isn’t even close to the liveliness that you find at Pensacola Beach. So if you want that postcard ocean beach and resort experience Pensacola Beach, Santa Rosa island (and Fort Pickens if you are camper) give you that very nicely.

There is a second full-service campground within the Gulf Islands National Seashore – Davis Bayou at Ocean Springs, Mississippi – See our review here. It also has water and electricity and showers and some hiking trails.  We’ve stayed there a few times and like its campsite layout – top quality (but it has no sand beaches on the Gulf, rather it is on a bayou, complete with a resident alligator!). It is near the resort area of Biloxi, Mississippi so a bit of a drive from Pensacola but if you are heading west along the Gulf Drive, it’s an option.

More Gulf Coast Camping Recommendations

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