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Best Camper Vans – 2021

In an earlier article on featuring Modular Conversion Camper Vans, I commented that major RV manufacturers need to create what is essentially a successor to the venerable VW Bus-Camper Van, an affordable camper van that […]

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Best Class B Motorhomes 2021

Compact Full Featured Class B Motorhomes When we last reviewed Best in Class B Motorhomes, the Hymer Activ 2.0 and the RoadTrek 210 were among our recommended units. However due to the bankruptcy of Hymer […]

Pikes Peak Scenic Lookout
Great River Road

Pikes Peak Campground

Our Review of Pikes Peak Iowa State Park, Camping & Hiking Located across the river from Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin Pikes Peak is one of our favorite campgrounds along the Mississippi Great River Road (see […]

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Mississippi Palisades Campground

Located a short distance North of Savanna, Illinois Mississippi Palisades is an Illinois State Park and Campground. Portions of the park include high steep sided bluffs looming over the Mississippi River valley. We like this […]

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Best Wisconsin Great River Road Campgrounds

Reviews of the top Campgrounds for RVs along the Wisconsin Great River Road Scenic Byway from Dubuque to Trempealeau WI In general when traveling the National Scenic Byway of the Upper Mississippi Great River Road, […]

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Best Compact Motorhomes – 2020 Update

When we did our last review of best compact motorhomes, we found the best examples in Europe where RV enthusiasts have a huge selection of full featured motorhomes under 23 feet in length. (See our […]

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Safe Travel See the USA in your RV

RV Travel, A key to Economic Recovery Article Update June 7, 2020 Extreme measures were being taken in the interests of crisis control and preserving important hospital capacity. Most, if not all, US States mandated […]

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Best Modular Camper Vans

The Easy Way to Build Your Own Class B Camper Van Class B Camper Vans are the fastest growing motorhome segment in the RV industry. For the size, they pack a lot of features into […]

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Best USA-Canadian Compact Motorhomes

Best Class C Motorhome Reviews – USA & Canadian Models In my previous post (top compact European motorhomes – see article) I discussed some criteria my wife and I have should we elect to replace […]

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Welcome to RVing

Advice & Tips for New RV Owners Our friends Rick & Sue recently took the plunge and bought an RV motorhome. Being new to RV ownership, they asked for some tips on traveling and using […]

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Update Hymer & RoadTrek Layoff

Are Aktiv and RoadTrek Class B Motorhomes going out of business? As many Aktiv and Road Trek owners know by now, on Feb 15, 2019 Erwin Hymer Group North America, Ontario manufacturer of RoadTrek, Hymer […]

Gulf Coast Scenic Drive

Fort Pickens National Park

Fort Pickens & Gulf Islands National Seashore Park Pensacola Beach, Florida Its’ world-class pristine, expansive white sand beach is among the many attractions at Fort Pickens National Park. What is there to do at Fort […]

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Davis Bayou Campground | Ocean Springs

Davis Bayou Campground Gulf Islands National Seashore Park Davis Bayou is one of two full service campgrounds that are part of the Gulf Islands National Park. The other campground is Fort Pickens on Santa Rosa […]