Brewery Creek Pub Mineral Point Wisconsin

Brewery Creek Inn and Pub – Restaurant Review

According to Zomato reviews and recommendations from friends, Brewery Creek Pub is one of Mineral Point’s most popular places to eat. The Inn and Pub are located in a restored 1854 Warehouse. In the pub the original thick limestone walls, exposed hand-hewn timbers, solid oak tables and chairs, and classic bar complete the intimate and genuine old time pub atmosphere. The dining area and its adjacent bar are not very spacious, yet you didn’t feel crowded. Something to do with how the space was arranged with an eye towards good use of space and providing variety. Perhaps it was also the high open ceilings exposing the thick old floor joists of the floor above and the rough sandstone rock walls did a nice job of cushioning conversation from the bar or adjacent tables.

Their own beer is brewed on-site and they offer a limited but diverse selections of brews. They were temporarily out of their Porter so we chose their Dark Amber ale instead. While advertised in their menu as “mild” we found the brew had good body and a full taste. And it was darker in color than the usual amber brew. Perhaps the “mild” referred to alcohol content, which we didn’t miss, particularly on a day when the temperatures were headed above 90 degrees!

Jo ordered their California Burger and I had their Wild Sockeye Salmon sandwich. Each came with a choice of sides; we both elected the fries. Brewery Creek touts their use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and injects an home-cooked artisan approach to their pub menu. The California burger came with tomato and red onion and their specialty garlic mayo sauce. Jo gave it good marks for taste. The hand-made patty was moist and not over-cooked and just the right size for a filling meal but not over-board.

In contrast, my Sockeye Salmon sandwich was a disappointment. All the ingredients were right. Nice sesame seed bun, adequate size salmon fillet, crisp fresh lettuce and tomato, decent sauce, etc. But as I picked up the bun, I could feel the top slice was chilled! And when I removed the tooth pick with the mini-cucumber at the end the mini cuke itself was chilly too. Undeterred I took my first bite, the salmon was room temperature, not at all hot. I was too hungry to send the dish back for a replacement, so I finished my meal. Something weird must have happened to my salmon sandwich because this is not the usual customer experience. Perhaps the finishing procedure of preparation is to flash microwave the entire sandwich once all the ingredients are assembled and somehow mine never got this final treatment. Perhaps the cold bun and cuke fresh from the fridge served to cool off the salmon which sat too long before served. A mystery.
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Our waitress was friendly and courteous but only gets about a C+ compared to what one would expect from Brewery Creek’s reputation. She wasn’t attentive in asking how things were going mid-meal, nor noticing that my water glass was empty. She didn’t inquire how we “liked the meal” until we just about done. When I told her about my salmon sandwich, she’d said she’d have to tell the kitchen staff about it. But she never came back later with any mention of my complaint. It was as if I never said anything. Our dining at Brewery Creek was on a Sunday lunch time. They were busy but not over-crowded, still a few empty tables. Considering its reputation and neat ambiance, this dining experience was a disappointment. We’ll do a re-visit sometime and hope our next experience rises to their reputation.

Ross Reinhold, Sept 2017