Lake Superior Circle Tour

Rock On Agate Festival

September 29, 2014 roscoe 0

7th Annual Rock On! With Lake Superior Agates Festival . . . and Lake Superior Rock Hound convention. While the weather was cooler than normal and overcast at night, shortly after the opening bell of […]

Lake Superior Circle Tour

Lake Superior Agate Rock Hound Festival

September 19, 2013 roscoe 3

Rock On with Lake Superior Agates Jo and I had a great time attending the 6th annual Lake Superior Agate Show and Festival that was held on September 14 -15, 2013 at Muskallonge Lake State […]

Little Girls Point Beach
Lake Superior Circle Tour

Lake Superior Rocks & Agates

August 8, 2012 roscoe 4

Lake Superior Agate and Rock Picking Beaches Walking Lake Superior beaches searching for the treasured Lake Superior Agate is a favorite past time of many people vacationing around the big lake. Veteran rock pickers and […]

rock picking black river harbor
Lake Superior Circle Tour

Rock Picking – Black River Harbor

August 2, 2011 joanne 0

Rock Picking Trip – Black River Harbor & Little Girls Point In late July I took my niece Kristi and her family to Black River Harbor, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, to show them the campground, […]